Roofing & Guttering



Roof repairs are a common requirement especially when we have had a significant downpour. We would always recommend not delaying repairs as once the water is getting in it can do all kinds of damage by weakening wooden beams, seeping through plaster ceilings and causing damp that leads to mould.

As well as repairs we also specialise in complete roof replacements. As you see from the image above the roof is quickly erected by way of a timber structure. Then it is lined with a waterproof underlay which the roof tiles are then positioned on top of. A new roof can change the look and practicality of a building and keep the rest of the structure protected and sound for years to come.


Guttering & Fascias

One of the first things to start making your house look worn and tired are the guttering and fascias. Replacing them can give your property an instant face-lift making it feel fresher, cleaner and newer. The work can be carried out quickly without any disruption to a functioning household.

The need for new guttering can also assure that a leak will not cause damp to start effecting internal walls. For further information on guttering and fascias whether you fancy a restoration or a replacement contact us for a free quote.

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