Damp Proofing & Ventilation

damp proofing by local builders

Damp proofing and ventilation both help maintain a healthy moisture level within your home and protect the infrastructure as well as the cosmetics from ageing before their time. It is an important aspect of best modern building practices and one cowboy builders overlook.

The pic concept is a ventilation solution that is simple and effective in maintaining perfect control of condensation and its associated problems. The most common cause of damp is condensation so you can eliminate the issue with a constant stream of warm, fresh, filtered air using the auto concure 20/20 system.

If damp is not attended to the condensation will lead to the growth of black mould which if left untreated can even result in the development of wet and dry rot. We are proud to be Sovereign approved. Certified in October 2016 for the Sovereign process of Chemical Damp Proof Injection and authorised and fully qualified to install chemical injection damp courses. Also Sovereign approved contractor for the process of Damp Proof Installation.

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